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Navigating Complex Builds for Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial programs

STC Industries is a woman-owned, full-service contract machine shop. We offer 50+ years of aerospace experience to build projects used across various fields.

Our goal is to provide you with parts that exceed your expectations, not just meet them, no matter how complex and unique the job may be.

Quality is Our Culture

Thanks to our fully-capable inspection department, we pride ourselves in the quality of our parts. We have customer approvals, several industry awards, and are certified in the following:


Award-Winning Builders in Aerospace and Defense

Providing machining services and small to mid-sized components for the 1960’s Apollo Lunar Programs has helped us cement our reputation as superior aerospace builders. Today, we have several Platinum Source awards granted to us by esteemed industry players such as Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics.

Prioritizing Productivity

We perform on-machine probing for quicker on-machine inspection. This process allows us to maximize accuracy and reduce scrapping valuable materials.

FADAL 3016

Project Types

Our scope encompasses a wide variety of projects that deal with various materials and parts of different sizes. We can handle both small runs and mass production as well as simple and complex designs. Learn more about what our team can do for you here.

CNC Machining and Assembly Services

3,4, and 5 Axis Milling From ⅛” to 30”

3,4, and 5 Axis Turning From ⅛” to 12” Diameter

Build to Print or Build to Solid Model

Small, Medium, and Large Production





Industries We Serve

Aerospace and Defense

Electronics and Communications

Architectural and Ornamental

Consumer Products



And Many Others

Reliable CNC Machining Expertise

We utilize more than 60 years of machining experience and more than 40 years of CNC machining expertise to complete the most complex projects. The skills we continue to acquire and develop help us create high-quality parts for various applications.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our experts combine a strong history of precision CNC milling with the usage of the latest industry technology. This allows us to meet and even exceed the demands and expectations of our valued clientele.

Superior Software

We fuse our multi-surface machining competencies with the use of up-to-date software. This way, we can build and analyze full, solid modeling creations or even plain paper drawings. All our major CAD systems also have import capabilities, making it easier for us to work on your design.


CAD/CAM Platforms






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For more information on our services, reach out to our staff in Shohola, Pennsylvania.