We’ve updated our website

It’s not obvious to most folks, but you’re looking at our new website as of January 2021.

Nothing earth-shattering. Pretty much the same content, with some equipment updates. On the surface it’s little more than a facelift, a new look.

The big change is in the back end; what we have to deal with in maintaining it. As anyone who deals with website design and publishing knows, long gone are the days of simple html coding in building sites.

Worpress or die

The tools of the website design world have become nebulous. WordPress plugins, CSS, JavaScript and sql databases are all standard tools in the landscape of website building, and if you’re a casual dabbler in web site coding, as I am, even with sophisticated tools such as Front page, you’ll either have to sharpen up with the skills of a Computer Science graduate or wind up with, at best, a mediocre looking site. A lot of software goes in to building even the most modest website.

Leave it to the experts

We’re CNC machinists. We’re good at what we do. Were not web site builders and we’re not good at what we don’t do. We stick to machining, and we let the design team at Godaddy do the website building. It’s made it easier for us to keep the site fresh and up to date. They did a great job, and I’d recommend them for building any new corporate website.

We’ll just stick to what we do best, impressing folks with excellent machined parts.

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