Northrop Grumman has awarded STC Industries Platinum Preferred Supplier Status. This is awarded to suppliers with an exceptional quality record. It means that our quality is so reliable, our products need no customer receiving inspection-they go right from receiving to the plane or inventory, saving the customer substantial overhead. We’re honored to have received this award and are pleased to have our integrity confirmed.

Our relationship with Northrop Grumman is a long one, going back into the 1960’s when it was “Grumman Aerospace”. During the height of our nation’s race to the moon, we were proud to have been chosen to build parts for the Lunar Excursion Module, or “LEM”, which was later changed to “Lunar Module”.

Remember “The Eagle has landed”? We were a part of the Eagle.

The Eagle has landed.. STC was there too.

Parts built by STC Industries (then “Spiral Tool Corp”) ultimately found their way to the moon, and may still be there.

Throughout the 70’s, the 80’s and up to the present, we have been a partner in supporting programs such as the A-6 intruder, the EA-6 jammer, and the Legendary F-14 Tom Cat, and our long-time support for the E-2 Hawkeye still continues to this day.

Again we’re proud to have received this award and we are proud to be a partner with the winning and innovative team at Northrop Grumman.

A titanium fitting that went to the moon. Some serious CNC machining for the 60’s!