Aerospace and Defense

We have been manufacturing components for military and commercial aircraft since the early 1960s. Since that time, our company has always maintained the leading standard for quality and has been CNC certified. We continue to grow and evolve with the times, utilizing the highest quality technology possible such as the CATIA software program. Over the years, our work has made several appearances in cinema including Top Gun and Desert Storm

Electronics & Communications

Our experience with electronics and communications goes back to the ’70s when we were primarily crafting fiber optic connectors for microwaves and again for aircraft in the early 2000s. We have also created parts for watches, timing devices on weapons, and camera projectors for in-flight film viewing. These projects provided us with experience in near-micro machining, learning to work with very small tools and close tolerances. Though we continue to look towards the future and evolve with modern technology, our history continues to shape us into the forward-thinking company we are today.

Architectural & Ornamental

Our expertise in this sector includes components made for the famous NYC Matchstick building (432 Park Avenue) and the Planetarium in the Museum of Natural History. We also have experience creating custom parts for ornamental, antique-style elevators for certain hotels as well as specific sleek, modern home additions. Architectural jobs provide a challenging opportunity to employ our creativity and expertise simultaneously. 

Consumer Products

While our experience in consumer products is not vast, we have worked to help craft a few specific high quality products over the past decades such as S/B Imperial Scrade knives and high-end multi-tools. We have also worked within the music industry creating specific small pieces for guitars such as potentiometer sleeves as well as table saw modifications for guitar production. Our experience also includes calculator parts for Texas Instrument as well motorcycle parts, gun tripods, and a component that goes into the Grammy Award trophy!


We have experience crafting high-quality medical parts such as wrist implants and wheelchair components. We have also assembled nozzles for anesthesia equipment. We stand behind the high quality and proficiency of our medical projects and look forward to expanding our offerings in this realm.


Our biggest involvement with the industrial realm is food packaging. Our projects include vacuum-sealed jarred food, where we are responsible for producing the part that creates the cap and injects the rubber sealant inside. This is crucial for keeping the product air-tight and fresh. We also produce the plastic blades used for soft-serve ice cream machines, which must remain in constant motion to keep the ice cream from hardening. Our high quality and craftsmanship continue to serve the food packaging industry well, keeping consumers safe and happy. 

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How do we make this part?

That’s the question that starts the manufacturing process of every job. Some parts are easy. The layout and methodizing process almost take care of themselves. Surfaces and features align simply on CNC 3 axis mill, Straight and parallel. Little planning needs to go...

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Let’s build a race car!On a typical day, we wind up milling or turning complex aerospace components. The kind of parts that wind up deep inside the airplane. The kind that no one ever sees again. So it’s exciting when we get to do something out of the ordinary for us....

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We’ve Updated Our Website

It’s not obvious to most folks, but you’re looking at our new website as of January 2021. Nothing earth-shattering. Pretty much the same content, with some equipment updates. On the surface it’s little more than a facelift, a new look. The big change is in the back...

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2020 Quality Metrics

When it comes to Quality with a capital Q, many sales people throw the word around. Few can show when they deliver. We consistently shine when it comes to our annual AS9100 certification audit. We don’t usually brag about it. This year I’ll make an exception. In...

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E-2D Advanced HawkeyeIt’s not often we get to see the parts that we build in a real world situation, let alone in a press release.TITANIUM MACHINED GAZINTAS? As one rep for a prime aerospace company once stated: “You guys make gazintas!”. That means a typical part we...

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This is a copy of our developed policy in an effort to mitigate risk from the Coronavirus: This has been distributed to our employees, and this in an effort to make it available to those who work with STC: It’s going around and no-one wants it. We’re laying down some...

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We’re so busy here at STC, that we barely have time for congratulating ourselves for our accomplishments before moving on to the next big thing. That most recent accomplishment is our successful upgrade to Revision D of AS9100. As I sit before a vertical mill...

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Well, December 2016 has come and has almost gone. And I almost forgot that it was in December 1986, 30 years ago, that Fred and I, along with our dad, took over as owners of this company. A big anniversary for us and, I would say it seems almost like yesterday, but...

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We take security pretty seriously. We respect our customers’ trust in providing us with proprietary information, such as drawings and specs. We understand the importance of keeping such intellectual property secure and away from prying eyes. We take document control...

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