This is a copy of our developed policy in an effort to mitigate risk from the Coronavirus: This has been distributed to our employees, and this in an effort to make it available to those who work with STC:

It’s going around and no-one wants it. We’re laying down some rules to try and prevent the spread of it.

  • Admittance to our facility shall be limited to employees only. Non-employees shall not be permitted on premises without prior consent of management. This includes customers, salespeople, quality personnel, family members, friends, and delivery persons. Only employees allowed inside the building.
  • There shall be a receptacle maintained outside the shipping door for deliveries and outgoing packages All deliveries to be left in receptacle outside of the building. Recommend that any delivery services contact us prior.
  • All doors to remain closed at all times.
  • Employees should maintain “social distancing”. This means:
    • Maintain a minimum distance from others of 4 feet
    • Avoid physical contact.
    • Communication should be limited to the maximum necessary (i.e. business related)
  • WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY. This and social distancing are the best way to avoid getting any virus. You will not get coronavirus from a tool, but you could get it from a tool that someone who has coronavirus recently handled. Viruses travel well in airborne moisture, like a sneeze or cough. If an infected person sneezes over a surface (such as table, door handle, machine door handles), the virus can linger on these surfaces for hours. Use common sense.
  • At the end of shift, take 5 minutes to wipe down machine door handles. Diluted simple green, citrus cleaner, windex, and Lysol will be ok for this. It would be a good idea to do this first thing in the morning.
  • Any employee who knows they have been in contact with a person, who has been exposed to the Coronavirus, must self-quarantine themselves (i.e. Do Not Come to Work).
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