A little bit of history…

I’ve been NC machining for a while now. 50+ Years My dad let me run my first NC when I was 10 years old. A few years later I was running NC’s as a summer job when in high school. I grew up as NC and CNC machining industry grew up. When I started I […]

How do we make this part?

5 Axis milled steel part

That’s the question that starts the manufacturing process of every job. Some parts are easy. The layout and methodizing process almost take care of themselves. Surfaces and features align simply on CNC 3 axis mill, Straight and parallel. Little planning needs to go into them. Some parts look easy. Drawing them up in CAD takes […]


Let’s build a race car! On a typical day, we wind up milling or turning complex aerospace components. The kind of parts that wind up deep inside the airplane. The kind that no one ever sees again. So it’s exciting when we get to do something out of the ordinary for us. That’s what Mike, […]

2020 Quality Metrics

When it comes to Quality with a capital Q, many sales people throw the word around. Few can show when they deliver. We consistently shine when it comes to our annual AS9100 certification audit. We don’t usually brag about it. This year I’ll make an exception. In accordance with AS9100D, Section 10.1, STC Industries/Spiral Tool […]


When is a mill a lathe? When is a lathe a mill? Is it turned? Is it milled? It’s both! Mill/Turn operations have become a major part of our palette of machining capabilities as of late. With the introduction of our 2 inch bar capacity, live-tool turning center early last year, the possibilities of improved […]


5 axis Milling can reduce the cost and improve accuracy in machined parts. We’ve always embraced new technology here. NC’s were in our shop in the 60′s-long before most of the industry had even heard of them, let along the average person on the street. Seems it wasn’t that long ago that “CNC-machined parts” caught […]