Spiral Tool Corporation

CNC Machining, Aerospace, Industrial and Commercial

Revision 10/25/22

In order to be a supplier to STC Industries providing resources (materials, special processes and finishing), your company must commit to the same level of excellence in quality and workmanship that we live by. You will be required to adhere to the following requirements in order to be listed in our QSL (Qualified Supplier List). Quality certifications (ISO9000/AS9100, NADCAP) are encouraged.

Below are clauses you must adhere to in providing services.

  1. Lot Identification: All separate lots must be identified during processing as such, or kept separate to maintain integrity of lots.
  2. Right of Entry: STC and its customers must be allowed right of entry in order to evaluate and verify quality of work, records, materials used and the quality system itself.
  3. Specifications: All work must be in conformance with specifications referenced on the purchase order. If the spec cited on our PO is not the latest spec, supplier shall contact STC for instructions on how to proceed.
  4. Approved sources: All work sourced out by you for processing finishing requiring customer approved sources must be performed by a source approved by the customer (cited at bottom of purchase order, if any ) for that process/finish.
  5. Records: All quality records pertinent to services rendered for STC must be kept on file for 10 years. Records shall be maintained in a manner to insure preservation and retrievability.
  6. Non-Destructive Testing: Unless otherwise specified on PO, all magnetic particle (magnaflux) and fluorescent penetrant inspection shall have MIL­STD­1907 Grade “A” as acceptance criteria.
  7. Non-conformances: In the event that parts sent for processing/finishing are found to be non­conforming, either supplier or STC created, including parts failing non­destructive testing (NDT), The subcontractor must notify STC of failure BEFORE proceeding further with processing/finishing. In the event that parts received by you are damaged (evidence of corrosion, rust, or nicks) or packaging is damaged, STC must be notified before proceeding with work. Supplier shall coordinate with and require approval from STC prior to continuing”.
  8. Packaging for return shipment: Parts must be packaged in a manner which will secure parts from shipping damage. Cushioning and dunnage should surround products (ie. Interior walls including top and bottom should have cushioning material. Prior to release to shipping a “shake” test should be performed to detect any rattle, jingle or movement of any kind that will cause damage in transit due to insufficient packaging or parts contacting on another. All containers must be double boxed (i.e. Box inside a box). Shipment shall include packing slip. Quality documentation may be enclosed or may follow via mail or fax.
  9. Certifications: All raw materials supplied shall include mill certifications. All other products supplied shall be traceable to mill certifications. Supplier shall not sell counterfeit product. All vendor certifications must cite the specifications called out on STC purchase order (please contact STC Quality Control if this is a problem).
  10. Expediting: STC purchase orders are monitored periodically for progress status. The subcontractor must provide prompt responses to status requests.
  11. Quantity variation: Variation in quantity for purchased items shall not be acceptable without prior authorization.
  12. Traceability: Each line item must have as it’s source a single traceable lot. Line items received from multiple lots without written approval from STC may be cause for rejection at the discretion of STC.
  13. Qualifications: All personnel must be trained and capable in their respective capacities to the extent of satisfying STC purchase order requirements. In the event that a specification is called out, qualifications of personnel must meet spec requirements, if any, and be approved by your organization. If third party certification such as NADCAP is required, personnel must be approved to the extent required by certifying party.
  14. Samples: Samples or test specimens shall be made available upon request, when prior arrangement shall be established.
  15. Changes affecting Quality: Supplier shall notify and gain approval from STC prior to proceeding in the event of any changes to manufacturing processes that might affect quality.
  16. Key Characteristics: “Supplier shall adhere to the requirements of key characteristics when cited.”
  17. In the event of a discrepancy in quantity, supplier shall notify STC within 48 hours of receipt.
  18. Verification of work: The verification of products and services which may be beyond the capabilities of STC to inspect may be accepted based on delegation to approved suppliers, in which case, certifications shall be provided. Such certifications shall include:
    o Manufacturers name
    o Manufacturers lot number
    o Manufacturers Part Number (if different than part number cited on purchase order)
    o description of work performed
    o applicable specs cited on purchase order
    o PO number
    o quantity
    o Identification of person authorizing certification, including name, title and signature or stamp.
    o Supplier is responsible for insuring that all personnel performing and certifying work are trained, verified and approved to do so.
    o Quantity Discrepancies identified, if any
  19. Awareness training: For all aerospace work required to be compliant to AS9100. You must insure that all quality responsible personnel are aware of:
    o Their contribution to conformity
    o Their contribution to safety
    o The importance of ethical behavior
  20. Supplier must have in place a maintained quality management system that controls:
    • Equipment, including calibration
    • Own Suppliers
    • Materials and product release